Nepali Unicode

Nepali Unicode
Simple Rules
Upper/Lower case doesn’t matter, EXCEPT:

ta = त Ta = ट tha = थ Tha = ठ
da = द Da = ड dha = ध Dha = ढ
na = न Na = ण sha = श Sha = ष

If a letter gets wrongly evaluated with the next letter, use the slash (/) key to separate. Example:
pratinidhi = प्रतीनइधी
prati/nidhi = प्रतिनिधी
If you need to embed English into your text, put the English text inside curly braces {}.

yo {software} kasto laagyo ta ? =
यो software कस्तो
लाग्यो त ?
Other special characters:
ri^ = ्रि (as in प्रि), rr = र्‍ (as in गर्‍यो), rri = ऋ, rree = ॠ, yna = ञ, chha = छ, ksha = क्ष, gya = ज्ञ, * = अनुस्वर, ** = चन्द्रबिन्दु, om = ॐ

To force a हलन्त at the end of a word, use the backslash () key. Example: bhannuhos = भन्नुहोस्

To force a ह्रस्व इ-कार or to remove an extra आ-कार at the end of a word, use the slash (/) key.
dinabhari = दिनभरी; dinabhari/ = दिनभरि
samjhana = सम्झना; samjhana/ = सम्झन