Related products on product page in Magento

Move related products from default sidebar location into main product page in Magento.

1. Open catalog.xml, found in

2. In catalog.xml find the catalog_product_view section, around line 205. In the section, remove or comment out:

<block type="catalog/product_list_related" name="catalog.product.related" before="-" template="catalog/product/list/related.phtml"/>

and replace with:

<reference name="content">
<block type="catalog/product_view" name="" template="catalog/product/view.phtml">
<block type="catalog/product_list_related" name="catalog.product.related" as="related" template="catalog/product/list/related.phtml"/>

3. Now in your catalog/product/view.phtml you can print out the related products using

<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('related'); ?>

To edit the look of that list, edit catalog/product/list/related.phtml

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